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Regardless of your goals, get started today by booking your appointment now! 

Tyler, TX
SubZero Cryotherapy
6004 S. Broadway Suite 203
Tyler Texas


Hours :

Monday   9am-6 pm
Tuesday  9am-6 pm
Wednesday  9am-6 pm
Thursday  9am-6 pm
Friday  9am-6 pm
Saturday  9am-1 pm
Sunday  Closed


Single Exposure- $65

5 Exposure Pack- $275 ($55 each)

10 Exposure Pack-$449($45 each)

50 Exposure Pack- $2000($40 each)        

 Rapid Recovery -$150 for 5 Exposures in two weeks                           

Cryo Club Monthly Membership- $249/mo (BEST VALUE)

Unlimited Cryo Exposures a month! 

Family Memberships:  Ask us for details!

* Please note: only spouse and children are allowed Family Members Discount.

Limited Membership: $199/mo

Allows for 12 Cryo Expsosures every month!